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Andy here. I'm pretty new to this stuff, so apologies if some of these articles are technically inaccurate in any way! If you read something that offends you, please let me know.

I'll use this section to sketch out ideas, but also to record tips and tricks that have been really useful to me. I hope some of it helps you too.


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Working with JavaScript a lot, it's often necessary to traverse a JSON object or array, looking for something in particular. Sometimes the object or array you're working with has been given to you by a third party system, and therefore you don't have any control over whether it's one or the other... an array is typically easier to work with in some ways, especially if it's an array of objects....

Let me show you some examples:

XML Serialisation

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Part of my final end-to-end MVC framework relies on a simple, effective feature of .NET that I think deserves its own special mention. There are built-in functions that allow a .NET object to be serialised into XML, and vice versa.

I've been spending a lot of time recently thinking about my next big project. I've been expanding my set of skills on a variety of other people's ventures, but I'd really like to start building something that I can call mine. I wrote in my last couple of posts that I've been working with Angular.js - this is for a project - the brainchild of a friend of mine - which I've come into very early on, and in fact the development work itself is being done solely by me. So I guess that's a start... but still... the mind wanders.

In Part 1, I constructed (what I think is) a really good end-to-end model structure, from client through API to database. I used JS objects on the client side, .NET objects within the API layer and web application, and Table-Valued Parameters (TVP) in SQL Server.

I've been working a bit with Angular.js recently. It's a Javascript framework that fits the MVC model (or, more accurately, MVx - the definitions of this family of architecture have become blurred with the introduction of so many similar frameworks).